More Human Remains Found in Vernon Orchard

Details emerge after ages-old human remains were found at an ochard on Pleasant Valley Road in Vernon.  Archaeologists are poring over a total 4 of sets of remains.  The first was found early in April, the other 3 were located nearby shortly after.  They were in the fetal position, keeping with First Nations burial traditions.  “The teeth were quite worn, so that’s very diagnostic of ancient First Nations,” says Eric Forgeng, an archaeologist with the BC Archaeology Branch, “the pictures I’ve seen would suggest the remains are in a pretty good state of preservation,” he says.

Experts have been trying to map out who the remains belong to and what communities they belonged to.  They’ll also try to determine what jobs they may have had.  “Its a pretty unique find, certainly for that area,” says Forgeng, “we don’t have very much information about archaeology on that side of Swan Lake so this is going to be sort of a new piece to it,” he says.

Officials believe the small, 100-metre square site is a First Nations burial ground.  The orchard’s owner has been forced to plant around the area while experts investigate.



Five Popular Cemetery Types

When a person you love passes on, it is natural to desire a beautiful cemetery memorials USA offers. Nobody can pretend to like death. However, as cruel as it might be, death is capable of triggering memories that add a lovely tone to the headstones. People who opt for the natural burial will most likely turn to the cemetery as a final resting place for their loved ones. All the same, cemeteries are of sentimental value since they make it possible for the bereaved to cherish the good memories of the deceased.

Cemeteries vary, and the differences are based on religious and cultural beliefs of the person. Here are the five commonest kinds of cemeteries you need to know:


Monumental Cemetery

Most people characterize this kind of cemetery with magnificence because of the grand collection of headstones found there. Here, the tombstones are made of granite and marble and are fenced using timber or concrete. If you can afford a plot at a great cemetery, then you can bury your loved one there. Its demerit is the difficulty in maintenance due to the costly equipment used in cleaning these plots.


Religious Cemetery

This is the oldest and commonest known type of cemetery. Its standard feature is a cemetery database. Usually, such cemeteries are found close to churches ad are open to all members of similar religious affiliation. The costs of these plots are analogous to those in private and city cemeteries. However, you can get financial assistance from the congregation.


District Cemetery

This kind of cemetery is run and owned by the local authorities, and are mostly found in cities. The cemetery can be used by all area residents provided they can afford to pay for the plot. All the same, there are restrictions on the number of plots that can be rented by a family or a person.


Veteran’s Cemetery

As its name suggests, it is exclusively used by veterans and particular family members of the veteran. It is included in the national cemetery system. The authorities dictate who should and who shouldn’t be buried there. Families are allowed to access the cemetery records to search for their ancestors who were buried there a long time ago.


Private Cemetery

Such a graveyard is owned by a private corporation, community, organization or a particular family. It is usually run for profit and is open to the general public. The religious and cultural beliefs of an individual can not deter you from accessing the services. Prices and benefits in the facilities are competitive. Some of its merits include appropriate visiting hours, package discounts, cemetery database and regular maintenance. However, the number of visitors who can access the facility is limited, and there is a list at the entrance.



When you have laid to rest your loved one, consider having a headstone on the grave. When selecting the material, consider cost and ease of maintenance. Also, remember that the materials should be durable enough to survive all weather conditions. Headstones are made from natural stones thus are expected to virtually last forever.

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