Update: Charges Laid Against Kelowna Cop

Charges have come down against the police officer involved in the Buddy Tavares incident.  Assistant Police Commissioner Peter Hourihan says Cst. Geoff Mantler faces multiple counts.  “The two charges of Assault Causing Bodily Harm have been sworn against Constable Mantler,” says Hourihan, “these charges stem from two seperate incidents,” he says.  Hourihan explains the other incident happened on August 31 of last year, but authorities won’t release any more details.  BC’s top cop admits Mantler’s actions are a “bit of a black eye” for the RCMP.  “This type of behaviour, if substantiated, is extremely concerning for me,” says Hourihan, “its disappointing, at a very minimum.  Its behavior that falls well short of any expectations that I or any of our officers or (RCMP) members have in that regard,” he says.

More charges

Hourihan adds additional charges could be coming after another investigation into Mantler’s conduct.  He’s accused of punching a man on the Bennett Bridge on August 10th.  Police say they were not informed of the alleged incident on the Bridge until after the Tavares incident in January.  Constable Mantler has been suspended with pay since the days following January 7th.

Paycheques could be cancelled

Now that Mantler’s been formally charged with assault, the RCMP may stop paying him.  “That process is in the works and the determination will be made fairly shortly, as I understand it, by Ottawa which is where the level of decision is made,” says Hourihan.