Liberal Leadership Vote Draws Ire From Democracy Advocates

Democracy advocates say its not fair that Christy Clark could spend up to another 2 years in office before the next election.  A group called Democracy Watch wants new rules that would require an election months after a leadership change.  Co-ordinator Duff Conacher says, “the mandate should essentially require if there is a change in the leadership of the main [political] parties, especially the ruling party, between the fixed election date, there would have to be an election called sooner,” he says.  Conacher maintains his point is simple, saying “its not democratic to have one party elect a new premier and then have that premier be able to rule for 2 years without having to seek a mandate from all voters.”   Only about 57,000 BC Liberal Party members cast ballots in the vote.  That works out to a little over 1 percent of the province’s population.   Clark got a little over half of the popular vote in this weekend’s ballot.