Kelowna’s Smoke Free Parks, Beaches

Locals should know, but many residents are just hearing for the first time that smoking is banned from all Kelowna parks and beaches.

“The parks will be filled with families enjoying the sun and sand this weekend so we would like to remind everyone that they must butt out before entering City parks,” says Ian Wilson, Park Services Manager.

The bylaw was approved by City Council on February 1, 2011, to help reduce fire risk, littering and the health impacts of second-hand smoke, particularly on children.

By March signs had gone up in the parks to inform smokers that the smoke-free zone includes everything within park boundaries: parking lots, pathways, the entrances to buildings and the lawn space.

“We’re pleased that residents and visitors are refraining from smoking on the beaches,” says Wilson. “However, we are still seeing and hearing complaints of people smoking in parks as they watch their children play in the playground.”

Bylaw officers say they’ll keep focusing on educating the public and voluntary compliance, but warn they do have the power to issue $100 fines.