Atheist Bus Ads Return

They’re back on the side of 2 Kelowna Transit buses to finish off the advertising campaign that was interrupted by a case of vandalism.

The billboards have been run in cities across the world by the skeptic group Centre for Inquiry, with the Okanagan chapter booking the space in Kelowna in April.  The ads suggest there may be no God.

“Kelowna is the only place, as far as we know, where the ads have been removed; and they have been run all over the world,” says Centre for Inquiry spokesperson Guy King.

The ads mysteriously vanshied half-way through the 4-week campaign.  Transit officials believe the billboards were professionally removed while the buses were parked in the Kelowna Transit compound.


Investigators still have no idea who the vandals are, and King can only speculate.

“I’d like to see whoever removed the ads come forward, and maybe reimburse us for the additional cost,” he says.

The group had to chip in to get the billboards remade.


The new billboards will make the rounds for the next 2 weeks.

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