Health Officials Insist Japan Radiation Crisis No Threat to Canada

Officials at Health Canada say there’s no immediate threat of harmful radiation drifting across the Pacific Ocean to cause health problems in BC.  Health Canada’s Dr. Paul Gully is adamant that at present, residents have nothing to worry about.  ‘We can understand the concern,” says Dr. Gully, “everyone’s seen the images and everyone’s watching the news and that’s why we’re doing the evaluation and assessment but at the moment, there’s no risk to Canadians in Canada,” he says.  Gully adds you’re exposed to radition all the time.  “We all get exposed to radition all the time, either through natural radition or though diagnostic radiation in medicine,” Gully says, “even if we are in an airplane for a long flight, there is exposure there, too,” he says.  You can also be exposed to radiation from common electronics, like your cell phone.  Dr. Gully says any radioactive particles that do make the 7,000 kilometre journey across the Ocean will be mostly harmless by the time they get to North America.

There’s fears of nuclear contamination spreading as explosions and fires continue at Japan’s damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi power station.  Canadian government experts are keeping a close eye on the situation.  Canada has safety plans in the event of a nuclear emergency, but Dr. Gully doesn’t expect they’ll be needed