Deer chases local dog walker out of park

If you own dogs or walk dogs you may want to watch out for some aggressive deer, after a local dog-walker got chased out of the downtown Kelowna bird sanctuary by two deer while she was walking four large dogs.

“I see deer all the time and they don’t usually bother us and we just walk by them, but these two did not look very happy and they came barreling out of the bush,” explained Doggytopia’s Alex Himer.

Himer told HQ that she was shocked they chased her even though she was walking four large dogs and that it was frightening. “It was pretty scary, not knowing what they were going to do, and them getting so close to us, thank god the dogs behaved and ran away with me.”

But as BC Conservation Officer Ed Seitz explains this is normal deer behavior at this time of year. “The female deer are having their young right now and the young aren’t very mobile this time of year so the mothers become quite aggressive.”

Seitz said it is unusual any other time of year but the babies are vulnerable right now and they need to protect them. “Most deer generally run the other way, it is only in this situation where they have a fresh fawn on the ground that is not very mobile,” explained Seitz,

He recommends doing what Alex did and walk/run away as quickly as possible in the other direction and especially making sure you’ve got control of your dogs.

“Walk away, stay away, especially if you have dogs. It is generally only if people are out walking dogs because they see the dogs as a threat to their newborn fawn,” recommended Seitz.

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